6 July 2012

We are making good progress on our research project.  We’re managing to interview very interesting physicians and patients with regard to MUPS (medically unexplained physical symptoms) and, the project team itself is superb.  We have gathered together a group of engaged, enterprising and enthusiastic individuals — wow! notice all that alliteration!

Even though we are now in the summer months, we continue to work apace and plan to have all of our data gathered by the end of October.  A few of us will also be attending the BrainMatters3 conference in Ohio in October to share and discuss some of our preliminary findings.

If anyone is interested in being interviewed for this work on the “lived experience of MUPS” and/or the “professional/clinical view of MUPS”, please contact me at: catkins@ucalgary.ca.

I hope you are having a good summer . . . .  whatever state that you find yourself in . . .


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