3 May 2018

Warm weather has arrived at my location on this beautiful planet — It surely is spring!

For those interested in MUPS, I’ve just published an article in The American Journal of Bioethics (26 April 2018) in response to Dianne O’Leary’s featured article: “Why Bioethics Should Pay Attention to Patients Who Suffer Medically Unexplained Symptoms”
You can find my response to her piece here:
Why Bioethics Should pay Attention to Patients Who Suffer Medically Unexplained (Physical) Symptoms _ A Discussion of Uncertainty, Suffering and Risk.

I’d love to learn your thoughts and opinions about this piece and anything else I’ve researched or written.

I’m currently on leave from the University of Calgary.

And I’m preoccupied with a number of intense personal and professional projects — some of which have were unanticipated and fell into my lap and, others resulted from more planned activity.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel so inclined.

Wishing you well for the moment!


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